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Global Mini Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine

The Global mini is a smaller version of Global, with only one 03.04.03 model, designed for small-sized workpieces. At the same time, because its body size is small, the accuracy is higher than that of the ordinary Global measuring machine. It is a good choice for small size (such as watch parts, mobile phone components) and high-precision workpiece inspection.

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GLOBAL Mini, a small CNC movable bridge measuring machine, can be equipped with trigger and scanning technology to achieve precise measurement and complex shape evaluation of various types of parts. It is precision machining manufacturing, electronics and medical equipment, optics, watchmaking, etc. The industry has completed the verification of component size and shape, and is a powerful weapon for quality assurance.

Technical characteristics
? The size of the whole machine is small and the space is small;
? High precision, up to 1.0+3.0L/1000;
? Precision triangular beam, compact structure and high rigidity ratio;
? The integrated dovetail guide, three-sided closed loop, provides a very stable structure in the industry;
? All-aluminum frame, the body weight is small, stable operation;
? The remote motor reduces the influence of motor heating on the accuracy of the measuring machine;
? German HEIDENHAIN grating, fixed at one end and elastically connected at one end, ensures the linear change of the grating with temperature;

? Unique pneumatic balancing technology improves the accuracy and stability of the measuring machine.

High performance in a compact mechanism
GLOBAL Mini, the new small CNC movable bridge measuring machine from Hexagon Metrology, provides users with reliable and high-precision measurement operations with proven mechanical structure, advanced motion control system and fully functional software technology.
Equipped with triggering and scanning technology, GLOBAL Mini enables precision measurement and complex shape evaluation of various types of components, and completes component size and shape verification for industries such as precision machining, electronics and medical equipment, optics, and watchmaking.

Two versions: suitable for different measurement tasks
The GLOBAO Mini is available in both trigger and scan versions to meet different types of measurement needs.
The trigger version provides accurate dimensional measurements for regular box-like components. The scanned version, featuring the new DC motion controller and the representative of the Leitz small scanning technology, the HP-S-X1C, provides flexible and accurate measurements for all standard detection modes, such as single point detection and self-centering. And continuous high-speed scanning for fast and accurate shape and shape measurement tasks.

Advanced software technology enriches system performance
The powerful and easy-to-use PC-DMIS software is installed by a large number of users around the world. The intuitive graphical user interface enables users to perform a variety of programming, setup and measurement tasks, enabling users of different levels to quickly and accurately perform measurement and evaluation tasks from simple cabinet components to complex geometries.
PC-DMIS PRO, full-featured measurement software with complete measurement capabilities.
PC-DMIS CAD has all the functions of PC-DMIS PRO, and has complete 3D CAD simulation functions to complete offline programming and intuitive image simulation.
PC-DMIS CAD++, based on PC-DMIS CAD, adds scanning and sheet metal measurement capabilities, allowing fast and efficient measurement of complex shapes such as blades, dies and other curved shapes.

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