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Swiss Trimos TELS small length gauge

TRIMOS TELS series of small length gauges are suitable for the measurement of small workpieces, such as block gauges, ring gauges, plug gauges, and card gauges. Trimos TELS small length gauge can also detect a variety of internal and external dimensions, and is highly versatile.

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TELS Small Length Gauge

The small length measuring machine TELS is the ideal instrument for checking small size. It is part of a family of horizontal instruments.
The instrument is mainly used to check internal and external dimensions, such as ring gauges, plug gauges, threaded plug gauges, and to measure precision production parts.
Suitable for workshop environment.
All measurements can be performed using electronic probes and digital display units or simply using a dial indicator. The choice of the measurement system depends on the required accuracy.
The internal measurement range is from 10 to 100 mm and the external measurement range is from 0 to 100 mm, covering many applications. The absolute measurement range is 25 mm, and a preset setting is required to obtain the full length.
A wide range of accessories.

Full scale phote of Swiss Trimos TELS small length gauge

Sylvac display unit function

◆ Analog display
◆ Enter and display tolerance limits
◆ Preset function
◆ Measurement direction can be changed
◆ Channel selection
◆ Lock display value
◆ Lock the keyboard and unit settings
◆ Externally connect with foot pedal or computer
◆ Printing display value and static analysis

dimensions of Swiss Trimos TELS small length gauge

TELS instruments are provided as follows:

Instrument (depending on model) User manual(750 50 0019 03)
Gage for external measurement (TELS50) Grinding plate(TA-TO-301)
Measuring anvil for internal measurement (TELS10) Test certificate
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