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High-precision measuring machine provides inspection solution for Bosch power unit


The performance requirements for machines used in mining, forestry and agriculture apply equally to their power units. These machines typically lift several tons of material, drill rock that is almost impossible to drill through, and plow the thick soil. Rexroth's hydraulic equipment also excels at this. At its plant in Nuremberg, the Bosch Rexroth AG mobile hydraulics manufacture external gear pumps and motors. These components are also tested using a three-coordinate measuring machine from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.
The use of pressure sensitive gap seals and high precision production technology ensures that Rexroth's external gear pumps and motors achieve high efficiency. This high level of process reliability ensures that the gap size meets the specified tolerances. This not only benefits its own efficiency, but also benefits the working efficiency of work machines such as tractors, cranes and timber loaders.

optical metrology tools and on-line measurement of power unit

Technique Solution:

Individual components such as gears, gear housings and bearing bushings also need to meet stringent tolerance requirements. For example, tolerances for some features of the gear may need to reach 2 microns. The assembled unit can only perform very well when the parts are precisely matched.

Production personnel use dedicated gear inspection equipment, optical metrology tools and on-line measurement equipment to ensure high precision in all aspects. The constant temperature test room can provide higher precision in special cases. Each shift selects and detects a specific number of components from the production line. Rexroth uses the DEA GLOBAL Image 7.7.7 3D coordinate measuring machine to place the bearing bushing and casing characteristics (such as flatness, parallelism, cylindricity) under the microscope. In addition, the inspection shop's inspectors perform specialized inspections for new production runs or machine performance analysis.
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